Save Earth. Go Green………!

As a social animal, we humans have the responsibility to take care of our planet Earth. In the present day scenario, everyone have become aware about the need to save the environment. The future generations can survive here only if we preserve the nature for them, as the older generations did for us! From individuals […]

The Best Choice For Reusable Bags!

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Lets Bring Together The Green Revolution

Do you use plastic bags for carrying the groceries you buy to your home or apartment?  Do you find plastic bags more convenient for your daily needs or do you bring your own reusable bags? That’s a practice everyone should stop in order to save our environment from such toxic pollutants. It’s a fact that it […]

How to make your kids more eco-friendly?

Parents, teachers and the society have great influence over the growing children! Its definitely their duty to encourage the coming generations to choose always the eco-friendly products or do things which are the least harmful to our environment. We will discuss below on  how to create an environmentally conscious mindset among your children: I.        Begin Early Instilling […]

Say YES to Jute Bags!

In the present world, most of the people are aware of the fact that plastics are extremely harmful for our earth. And a lot of people have begun to opt the substitute and eco friendly materials like jute, cotton, paper and nonwoven materials. As a result of awareness campaigns conducted by various organizations and Government, the popularity […]

Now Travel in Style With the Best Travel Bags in Oman!

Looking for Travel Bags Online Saudi Arabia , Dubai, or entire Middle east? Greenbags UAE are the  leading online store for all types of eco friendly bags including travel bags, tote bags, paper bags, non woven bags, school bags and cotton bags in Oman, UAE, Qatar and the entire middle east! Travel bags are one of the centre points of attraction of every single traveller. It should be simply […]

Tote Bags your Fashion Fix!

Get your fashion fix with our unparalleled selection of designer tote bags from Shop the latest Tote bags in Kuwait, UAE, from the world’s largest brand marketplace for bags. Choose your favorite product and Order Now! Tote bags are perfectly designed to carry all your essentials & they merge the functionality of boat bags with the aesthetic […]

Cotton Bags the New Shopping Bag

Check out for getting Cotton Bags in Oman. Cotton bags are  one of the main and best options we can try instead of plastic carry bags. Cotton Bags are made from 100% cotton which are completely eco-friendly, natural and bio-degradable. Their material isnatural cotton fabric without any harm to our environment. The bagsare easily cleaned when they are dirty, just need you to wash it like your […]