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The rising production of plastic and non-biodegradable products have put our nature in the clutches of deterioration. Even in 2020, we are not really sure as to where are we heading in terms of saving our environment. As you read this article, thousands of units of plastic are being produced all around the world to feed our consumerism. The responsibility to preserve our mother earth falls on our shoulders. It has unconditionally offered its resources to us. Now, it’s our turn to repay our dues.

And to fulfill this responsibility, Green Bags UAE presents you the finest collection of eco-friendly bags. A wide range of eco-friendly bags that are made with biodegradable material. With such products at your disposal, you are not only lucky enough to have such a wide range to choose from but are also doing your bit for mother nature.

Let’s get a detailed look into our wide range of products.

Everyday Bags

The most selling product lines of ours are the Everyday bags which are extremely handy for your everyday needs. You could carry your books or pack meals in it and can even use it as your grocery bag. The bio-degradable material with which it is made makes these bags a viable choice for an eco-friendly lifestyle.

They come in wide ranges of jute, cotton, canvas, and juco which are reusable and recyclable. Each bag is made with its own unique style to serve you better for individual tasks. They also come in various colors and patterns that you can choose from.

You could pick Jute Bags which are embellished with flowers and rustic jute look. Or you could go for Canvas Bags that are beautifully crafted and colored in elegant shades of blue.

But why stop there! Even in 2019, products made of bio-hazardous substances like plastic and leather, are predominant in the market, and that’s a grave danger to the safety of our environment. Bags, belts, shoes and various other day-to-day accessories promote the production of these substances.

To break this trend, GreenBags UAE presents its new range of eco-friendly luggage bags and accessories which are so convenient that they make the compromise a pleasure. And not only are they fashionable and elegant, but our products also come with an exciting range of customization options that gives you the liberty of designing the statement your accessory makes.

From most popular materials like jute and cotton to exclusive options of canvas and juco, our products are highly durable and crafted with finesse. In 2019, such kind of products will really help to help nature stay lively and thriving.

School Bags

While we educate our kids about the rising problems of global warming and the exceeding levels of pollution, we do make them contribute to this obscene cause.

Cotton and jute school bags promote eco-friendly objectivity amongst the impressionable young minds of our children. It influences them to pick a harmless alternative towards preserving the environment.

With our wide range of designer school bags, they are available in a varied range of durable and bio-degradable materials.

The Jute school bag is elegant in its presentation with ample space for all your child’s books and accessories. Our newly introduced Canvas school bags are vouched for their durability and comfort.

Green Bags UAE also boasts of being one of the prime eco-friendly school bags manufacturers, supplier and wholesaler in UAE and Dubai.

Backpacks and Customized bags

As convenient and elegant our backpacks are, they come in various customized versions that make traveling and everyday luggage carrying a bliss.

Backpack Bags optimal options for light travel or daily commuting. Made with the best quality jute, canvas and juco materials, they are quite fashionable to carry and will definitely add to your style statement.

The Jute shoulder bags and Jute laptop bags are very convenient as college backpacks. They are sleek enough to be convenient in maneuvering but spacious enough to fit in your laptops and books.

Business Bags are sharply presented with their elegant material and stitched with finesse. They have a stylish corporate look that goes along with your suite or just a simple vast and tie.

The vast range of Embroidered Bags has that hippie outlook with a matt finished color tone that reeks of elegance and robustness. They are convenient to carry and go along beautifully with your kurta or any traditional wear.

 And not to forget the sassy Bohemian and Denim Bags range are one of the best you will find in the UAE. The Bohemian Bag is classily embroidered in a collage of colors mixing sky blue and violet with the orange emblem of peace in the center. Nothing suggests a mystic and laid back attitude more than this bag.

Our eclectic collections of Beach Bags have suave and prove that eco-friendly options can also be stylish. These well-crafted bags are made with bio-degradable Jute and Canvas which adds to its aesthetic appeal. These are also one of the finest quality bags one can find in Dubai.

While on your next trek, do remember to carry one of our customized trekking bags. They have a rugged and classy look but they provide a high level of organizability. Trekking Bags are one of our best products. You can also choose from one of our Hydro Back Packs which come with in-built water tanks. Backpacks are highly recommended for that.

The fine range of Wine Bags from Dubai will come very handy at your next party. They are very presentable and that rustic touch of jute just adds to it. You have the option of choosing a bag with the number of bottle occupancy you want. You could choose Wine Bags that can cover just one bottle elegantly. Or you could go either for Wine Bags that can present a case of up to 3 bottles very elegantly.

Keeping in mind the technology advancements in 2019, the Utility Bags are designed to fulfill your basic everyday needs. From keeping your food hot to finding the best bag that you can take for a picnic, these bags have your back. You could choose Utility Bags which are long and have ample space for your luggage or you could choose Utility Bags which will help you keep your food warm. Green Bags UAE also has a wide range of options for somewhat luxurious needs, like cosmetic bags, cushion bags, bean bags, cooler bags, laundry bags, and organic apparels bags.


Handbags have turned into an additive or accessory to the corporate uniform. They embody class and sophistication which adds to that office appeal of going to your job. Hence, our new line of eco-friendly handbags ensures that you opt for an environmentally sustainable option.

Our handbags are made with best quality jute, canvas and cotton materials which add to the elegance of your corporate attire. Canvas Bags are a good option for a simple yet classy handbag.

You could even go with either of the bags from our High-End Fashion Bags collection which is eclectic and diverse that goes with any occasion. From hippie and tacky bags like Fashion Bags to sturdy and spacious bags like Fashion Bags each and every one of them is a worthy buy.

The Designer Handbags collection has some good contenders. Designer Bags have a bold look with chocolate brown which is perfect for grand ceremonies. For a more party-like feel, you could go with Designer Bag or Ladies Bags which are more vibrant.

And not just for women, Green Bags UAE has a wide range of options that go with men’s apparel. The Conference Bags collection is sleek and has a fashionable bravado. ConferenceBags have that rustic jute feels to them.  They are made with high-quality jute and cotton which are recyclable and eco-friendly. 

Apart from corporate offices and high-end parties, a little addition of style in our day-to-day life is necessary. For that purpose, Green Bags UAE brings to you the collection of Fair Trade Cotton Bags that are sophisticated yet fashionable. You have a variety of options to choose from which are versatile in color, shape, and size.

Organic Material Bags

The Organic Cotton Bags from UAE comprises a collection that’s made with the best quality cotton which was grown organically and did the least harm to our environment with regard to their production. They remind us of our responsibility and can be carried with pride.

They are available in various styles that are printed with slogans that promote eco-friendly lifestyle as well as funky and catchy designs. These designs are in much demand across the entire UAE.

Green Bags also has a wide range of products for your basic necessities that you might require in your day-to-day life. You are provided with towels made of organic material which can help you in all your cleaning needs, from kitchen towels to baby blankets. The Fashion Accessories range has a few apron and cushion cover options which can improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. And let’s not forget the most adorable pouches which are sleek and extremely convenient to carry. Pouch Bags are good examples of the same. 



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