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As a social animal, we humans have the responsibility to take care of our planet Earth. In the present day scenario, everyone have become aware about the need to save the environment. The future generations can survive here only if we preserve the nature for them, as the older generations did for us!

From individuals to companies, everyone seems to be doing their own bit to save the environment. If you too want to take an environment friendly step, then saying no to plastic is the best  thing to do. Plastic bags represent a huge threat to the environment. This threat is not only related to the sheer volume of them ending up in landfill, but also the resources to produce, transport and recycle them, and the emissions resulting from these processes. Plastic bags area also well known for their interference in ecosystems and the part they play in flood events, where they clog pipes and drains.

Let’s see some plastic facts before discussing about the substitutes of plastic carry bags available in the market.


  • » World produce more than 1 trillion plastic bags a year.
  • » Less than 1% of the plastic bags are recycled.
  • »The cost to recycle 1 ton of plastic bags is by $.4000/- and it can be sold for $.32/-.
  • » It cost more to recycle a plastic bag than to produce a new one.
  • » It take 1000 years to break down and we dump it everywhere.
  • » Animals confuse plastic bags for food , they eat and the result is they died.
  • » Almost 1,00,000 marine mammals dies yearly by eating plastic bags

Some of the main and best options we can try instead of plastic carry bags are paper bags, jute bags, cotton bagscanvas bags etc. One of the best suppliers of eco- friendly bags in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman hasand the entire Middle East is

Go Green” is not a catchphrase to make scholastic speeches or debates. On the other hand, it is an attitude of simplicity and modesty to have a better future on earth.

Green bags UAE manufactures large number of jute, cotton and canvas fabric bags with an unusual combination ranging from ordinary labors to the technical wizards! Let us  do our part by using eco- friendly bags and thus encouraging more people to join the mission.

Go Green…. Save Earth!



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