Jute bags

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As the name indicates, jute bags are made from juke (a natural fiber plant).

Jute is obtained from the stem of the fiber plant. The jute is one of the most commonly harvested crops in most of the agricultural countries including china, Bangladesh and India. The climate of these regions is somewhat suitable for the jute crop as it needs high humidity level for its proper growth.

Customized Jute bags are becoming a common part of our society. The main reason is the sustainability factors they are biodegradable bags and compo-stable. These bags have become the priority of most users as people now understand the importance of Eco-friendly packaging and do care about the environment thy live in.

Advantages of jute bags

There is a long list of the positives of the jute plant. Its sustainability factor makes it the most used material for manufacturing shopping bags and other household items. Here are some of its advantages.