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Eco Bags Manufacture in UAE | Green Bags UAE

Green bags is the leading eco-bags manufacturers in UAE with a wide range of collections of jute, juco, cotton, canvas eco shopping bags. Our tote bags 100% made from eco fabrics.

Jute Bags, Tote Bags, Shopping Bags, Bags Making

Interaction with CEO Mr. Aboobacker Yousuf | Greenbags UAE |

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Where Eco-Friendly meets Creative.

Infographic video on Creativity in Eco-friendly products making

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Jutebagsuae | Cottonbagsuae | Canvasbagsuae |

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How to reduce plastic pollution? An awareness Video

#enviornment #gogreen

Get our New Designer #ECOBAGS in UAE!

Here we are with an exclusive range of cotton, jute, and canvass bags for every occasion, we offer a sustainable alternative to plastic that has been polluting everything essential to our life.

#GreenBagsUAE #Gogreen #NoPlastic

Cassava Bags Testing

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Let's Think before we do! Learn How to protect our Environment.

We Have Used 13 Billion Plastic Bags Last Year. Plastic is not a Bio-Degradable Product. An Awareness video to change us from ourselves.

#Pollutionadds #ftguys #ecofriendly

Are you fed up! No worries we are here.

We believe every individual has a social responsibility to reduce environmental impact, It is a global challenge.

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We Have Used 13 Billion Plastic Bags Last Year?

Plastic is not a Bio-Degradable Product. Which Kills 1000's of Life. Let's Stop Killing them. Time to Change

Goldenpoint Advertising LLC - GreenbagsUAE | Disinfection Programme

We Goldenpoint Advertising LLC take care of ourselves as well our customers. Safety is our priority.

#safety #goldenpoint

June 5th world environment day! Green Bags UAE

June 5th world environment day! “Save now, earn later. Be aware now, for a better future. Happy environment day!

#happyenvironmentday #saynotoplastic #greenbagsuae



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