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Green Bags offers you a wide variety of bags in Bahrain. We, at Green Bags, aims to help you find the best bags in Bahrain without much confusion. We have the best in class bags for you at the most economical ranges. Our bags are unique in their own ways and have many advantages that will be of great help in your day-to-day life!

Here in this read, we’ll help you to get to know 2 kinds of bags & their importance-

● Non-Woven Bags- As the word says “non-woven” i.e they are neither woven, nor knitted. Any fabric/textile made of a fabric-like material from staple fiber and long fibers are usually termed as ‘non-woven’. ( not by using the weaving entirely or partly is a non-woven Fabric. )

● Paper Bags- Paper bags are made of paper, usually kraft paper. They are commonly used as shopping bags and for packaging purposes. Importance of Non-woven bags-

1. 100% recyclable
2. Biodegradable
3. No PVC coating
4. Greater durability
5. Competitive pricing
6. Lightweight
7. Strong
8. Packable or foldable
9. Liquid repellent
10. Washable

Importance of Paper bags-
1. Save Environment
2. Recyclable
3. Durability
4. Reusable
5. Lightweight

Now, let’s get to know about us! Green Bags is one of the leaders among the bag provides in UAE. We at Green Bags offer you the best non-woven bags, paper bags in Bahrain. We make sure that you receive the best quality of bags that satisfies all your requirements and standards. Trust Green Bags, we will help you to get the best bags in UAE. Visit us.



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