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We are into eco-friendly bags manufacturer and also provide ready-made and custom jute bags, cotton bags, canvas bags, tote bags, promotional bags, customized bags in Abudhabi, that are available in stock in different shapes and sizes. Our manufacturing does it all. Whatever type of bags that are required by you, we are here to provide them as per your needs. If you need great quality Eco-friendly Bags for your store or shopping outlet, we do bags manufacturer various types of shopping bags in Abu Dhabi .

Our role in the jute bag production and bag printing in Abu Dhabi is to provide it at affordable prices within the budget of a common man, with high quality, using the technique of quick production process. Replacing plastic bags with jute/cotton/eco bags is our goal. The jute bags produced by us in Abu Dhabi are friendly to nature, and not harmful since these are made of natural fibers and are environmentally friendly. Jute is a considerable industry in today’s world to become environmentally safe and the industry employs millions of people too.

Our company is committed to the development of products and services that lead to the creation of an ecologically sustainable future. A jute material bag can be reused various times when compared to paper or plastic bags and so we can save money and also our earth from the plastics and other wastes too. Now you can also customize these eco-bags to make your bags presentable and as per your desire. If you are looking for a reliable bags manufacturer in Abu Dhabi, here we are. We produce, manufacture, and supply jute bag products, carry bags, tote bags, and all other types at a really affordable price. They are made from fabrics such as canvas or woven synthetic fibers, which is comparatively more durable than plastic bags that are disposable in nature. The jute bag we produce is made from 80% jute and 20% cotton. These jute bags can be printed with a logo placed to promote your brand too.

Several products are marketed as eco-friendly but may not necessarily be that good for the environment. The notion of providing different material bags like jute, cotton is to ensure the safety of the environment with sincere dedication and passion in striving for a greener and a better world. Here, at Green bags, we believe that there is no uncertainty – we are completely committed to delivering economical and world-class eco-friendly products to save our planet from the ongoing massive plastic epidemic. We also aim to create a sustainable disposable packaging method, by providing affordable & eco-friendly alternatives along with the cooperation of the local service & retail industries we hope to minimize the number of toxic plastics consumed and discarded into the region’s critical ecosystems. At the same time, we want to let people know how to maintain a sustainable future for generations to come by using our bags.

With our dedicated team efforts, we deliver on our promise. We do what we do with all environmental consciousness. This commitment includes producing an Eco-friendly range of bags and pursuing green initiatives in our manufacturing processes, all of which add value to our market offerings. Our customers include all types of business entities.

Green Bags can be used in all walks of life and are a great substitute for plastic. We also arrange for customized products as per the requirement. The demand for customers is to be met and we do that with our products that are safe for the environment and without compromising the design, quality, or functionality of the product. We produce all kinds of high quality and Eco-friendly bags. We hold a staunch dedication to spreading the message of eco-friendliness with utmost dedication. With years of experience in manufacturing different kinds of bags in Abu Dhabi, we are happy to present an extensive range of reusable bags and environmentally safe products to our clients in the global market. We can claim to be a one-stop solution to all of our clients’ bag-related requirements. We are providing environmentally friendly bags to our customers by manufacturing and supplying it in Abu Dhabi, and we put a lot of thought as to how one does the utilization of our shopping bags to help you embrace a clean, safe environment-friendly product. Utilizing green products is now a culture of its own.

Our team is here to help our clients make a move in the correct direction by providing them with shoppers that are not just eco-friendly, but portable as well. The quality of our products continues to adapt to the latest technology, along with strict quality checks and standards. We manage to access and gain a great number of raw materials that allow us to deliver top the line products in the global market. You will receive quality shopping bags at the most cost-effective prices around here. As we know, The Emirates produces up to 8,000 tonnes of plastic film – the material in bags and wrapping – every month. There has been a significant change over the past year. People are beginning to demand businesses become more environmentally friendly these days. Most of the major supermarkets and many department stores have converted to eco-friendly bags which means it is convenient to use.

Fabric Bags is getting more and more popular as people realize it is a great reusable bag alternative, both ethically and ecologically, There is no unique way, there are and can be several approaches jute bags were used in many rural areas of developing countries. There should be more than just one alternative to plastic bags to be available for our consumers at the supermarkets. We take our responsibilities and duties to be done ethically and with a large part of the integrity of our products. There is an increasing demand for biodegradable and environmentally compliant bags within the region and we want to let people in the UAE know that we are here and want to give out our eco-friendly bags at affordable prices.

Our main aim is more about educating people about the harmful effects of plastic bags. Promotional marketing is made easy with the printed canvas/ shopping bags that make it a great giveaway for customers. To upsell for a minimum order level, one can send one out in every order they receive. Our cotton bags are the definition of ‘eco’ friendly products. The printed cotton bags do make an ideal gift bag or shopping bag and have the added advantage of a long lifespan. We can produce cotton carry bags in a wide range of colors and cotton weights and can also be produced in several styles and sizes. We are the manufacturers & suppliers of Eco-friendly Jute Bags & Eco-friendly Cotton Bags as corporate gifts.

With over years of experience, we are dedicated to supplying a product range that meets the needs of the customers and businesses, at prices that protect your budget. You can order for the first time or could be a high end experienced buyer, we are always here at your service! Whichever be the case, our experienced and dedicated team will fulfill your requirements concerning your needs.



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