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Dubai has a hot sultry climate which means that things get dirty easily. That designer bag you spent hundreds (or thousands) of dirhams can get dirty and look bad as well!  

Cleaning your designer bag is absolutely necessary if your bag has been sitting in the closet and you want to start using it again, you want to sell it and get a new bag or even if you want to pass it on to your friend or younger sister.

If you know the material of your branded bag it is easier to find out the right kind of cleaning products and procedures for your bag. However, if you’ve spent a sizeable amount on your bag, you might want to consider getting it professionally cleaned.

Lovin My Bags, Primevera Dry Cleaning, My Bag Spa, Champion Cleaners, The Luxury Closet etc. are top places you can take your designer branded bags in UAE to be cleaned!

Their services may include:

  •         Handbag Cleaning & Restoration
  •         Leather Protection Service
  •         Stain Removal Dye Extraction
  •         Shine Restoration
  •         Shoe Cleaning, Disinfecting & Restoration
  •         Heel Replacements & Recoloring
  •         Other Bag & Shoe Repairs



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