A Boom Time for ECO Bags Makers in Oman!

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The Current Scenario of Oman

In Oman, single-use plastic bags will be banned from the next year, Times of Oman reported according to the Arab News bulletin. Most consumers have pledged their support for more eco-friendly shopping.

In Oman, three of five consumers are ready to ban single-use plastic bags, where 9% of consumers adopted the reusable & eco-friendly bags. While others were needed more time to adjust to this new change. This poll was done by Oman’s Environmental Authority.

Country’s Environmental Protection and Pollution Control Law aided the ban on single-use plastic bags. The Environment Authority is preparing to implement the decision that prohibits companies and institutions from making single-use plastic shopping bags. Violators will be fined about USD 5,300 and penalties will be doubled with rules are broken again.

Environment Authority said, adding such rules and regulations was necessary to ensure the correct transition towards reusable bags. They also said, Oman is facing serious environmental problems related mainly to environmental protection and public health, also the danger of non-degradable plastic waste ruining nature. 

The Old vs New

Back in the era plastic was a great invention and was used in almost every household material. Plastic is used in almost every industry even today. But it has been contaminating earth as well. We are using over 160,000 plastic bags every second which means more than 5 trillion plastic bags will pollute the earth. 

Plastic not being biodegradable means it would take around 700-100 years to degrade and that is the reason why mankind is finding alternative solutions.

Although for packaging requirements, plastic and paper bags are still the options chosen by us. While there are many better ways to get bags that will save the environment, such as eco-friendly bags. There are several advantages of using eco-friendly over plastic bags which you can read below:

The Reason for change

Environmental impact is one of the major reasons to make a switch from traditional plastic bags to eco-friendly reusable bags. Today’s social media can spread a piece of negative news like wildfire and damage one’s business’ reputation. Have look at some interesting facts below: 

  • Millions of birds and other animals die due to plastic contamination.  
  • It takes 1000 years to decompose, it’s the biggest disadvantage. 
  • Biodegradable materials like canvas & jute are used to make eco-friendly bags
  • The Recycled bags are an easy way to not only support environmentally friendly practices but also to show it as well.
  • Moreover, make it easier to recycle more. So, you can use them to carry several recyclables to any local recycling spot easily.

The Economic Effect

Increase in tax on the plastic bag has raised the cost of production. Hence users are moving towards reusable bags.

An average person uses about 13,000 plastic bags in his/her lifetime which is about a 5p charge. This means you will be spending $650/year on just plastic bags.

On the other hand, a reusable shopping bag can cost you anywhere between 50p to USD 1 but has a lifespan equivalent to 500 plastic bags. This also means that you can save USD 625 a year.

Customers are always looking to saving money where they can, so explaining them by these examples is a great way to gain their trust.

Reusable bags are even washable, so in case of any spill inside, you can just wash it and use it again.

Nowadays, many stores and supermarkets offer their customers with bonuses and loyalty points for using reusable shopping bags. 

The Practicality 

Eco friendly bags are a perfect & practical choice for shopping bags as it ensure the safe transport of your shopping. Moreover, jute shopping bags offer a whole host of practical benefits.

Reusable and eco-friendly shopping bags will provide your customers with a much stronger and hefty solution that plastic bags cannot.

Bags made of cotton often have ergonomic handles that make it easy to carry anywhere.

If we talk about size, Reusable bags are bigger than disposable bags but can be easily folded which will take up less space.

A reusable bag can become a fashion accessory for the customers if you get a cool and artistic design on it. It will ensure that your brand is seen everywhere.

Reusable bags are made from strong materials, which means they prevent any mess caused by leaks or spills inside the bag. 

Why the textile industry will boost?

You have many choices when it comes to choosing textiles for your cosmetic bags. Choice of textiles depicts your thought on environmental care as a business leader. Petroleum is required to make cosmetic bags made of plastic, unfortunate material of choice as plastic is non-degradable. Because of its higher decomposition time, plastic makes up for a great portion of landfills and is consumed by animals causing them health issues.

On the other hand, jute is an eco-friendly and sustainable material as it needs little to no intervention for growing and replenishing. In comparison to other fibres like conventional cotton, jute is very eco-friendly and sustainable.

Less Energy Consumption

Another major reason to switch towards the use of eco-friendly cosmetic bags for promotion is that they reduce the consumption of energy. Synthetic fibres like polyester, nylon, and rayon need more energy for production. Whereas, eco-friendly cosmetic bags need less labour and energy to manufacture. It’s simple, by consuming less, you will use less energy ultimately helping the environment. 

Recycled materials

Environmentally-friendly cosmetic bags can be recycled easily. Not only it helps to maintain the environment, but is also good for your business as it gets shared more than once. Plastic bags need up to 500 years to decompose, whereas jute bags decompose easily within week time as they are highly biodegradable. This makes jute a top choice for promoting the business.

For instance, if avid travellers are your target audience, promoting using 100% biodegradable jute beach bags can be an excellent way to spread your brand message without harming the environment.

Longs lasting

Cosmetic bags made of jute are highly durable, it makes a top choice for all. They are unlikely to tear-off or form holes even if it is scratched by sharp object. Jute bags are sustainable and strong, women prefer such bags for their cosmetics and beauty product for travelling. Reusable tote bags, Green shopping bags, Cotton Bags, Non-Woven Bags, Canvas Bags are the few options that can be used as eco-friendly bags.


Jute cosmetic bags come in a variety of styles and shapes, means you can customize them according to your requirements. You can select even the simplest bag and get your brand’s logo, name and other details printed on it, and transform the product into something that the audience will remember. All you need to do is approach a leading jute bag maker who provides customization on cosmetic bags.

What are your thoughts?

Offering eco-friendly jute cosmetic bags to your customers is much more than just an aesthetic choice. It’s an eco-friendly choice that not only benefits you and your customers but also benefits the mother nature.

What are you still waiting for?  It’s time to create the ultimate win-win choice by selecting sustainable cosmetic bags for your daily usage!

Due to new norms of the plastic ban, there will be a great upsurge in demand for eco-friendly substitutes. Resulting in new opportunities for Eco bag suppliers and manufactures in Oman, which can expand their reach. This revolution will change the global scenario hence, Eco-friendly manufacturers in Oman will be the pioneer giants in future.

Tell us, what are your thoughts in the comments.



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