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Shopping bags are widely used for carrying goods and their amount has significantly increased over the past few years. The reasons for their popularity are many. They are cheap to manufacture and can accommodate large number of goods and products easily. Major online brands and goods supplier mainly prefer these plastic bags because of their pricing. They find these plastic bags comfortable for them and think the same for their customers. Well, in reality it’s pretty much true as majority of people don’t really bother about the use of plastic bags. All they want is a nice and attractive product that doesn’t cost that much. We can say it’s the people fault too that they don’t encourage brands and manufacturers to use environmental friendly bags instead of traditional plastic bags. If all of us stop buying products from those brands that don’t use ecofriendly packaging then the change can begin. On the other side the manufacturers also need to think about the environment and they should stop using harmful material for manufacturing bags and other accessories. Instead of plastic jute made bags are getting common in our society and many brands have shifted to the jute made bags instead of plastic bags. Many people have supported the idea of using jute bags commonly for day to day tasks. Jute bags in Dubai and other states are now commonly used. People have realized that how harmful plastic is for our surroundings in UAEand how badly it has hurt us in the past. Jute bags are definitely the need of this modern era and are best Eco friendly bags.

What are jute bags?

As the name indicates, jute bags are made from juke (a natural fiber plant). Jute is obtained from the stem of the fiber plant. The jute is one of the most commonly harvested crops in most of the agricultural countries including china, Bangladesh and India. The climate of these regions is somewhat suitable for the jute crop as it needs high humidity level for its proper growth.

Customized Jute bags are becoming a common part of our society. The main reason is their sustainability factors they are biodegradable bags and compo stable. These bags have become the priority of most of the users as people now understand the importance of Eco-friendly packaging and do care about the environment thy live in.

Advantages of jute bags

There is a long list of the positives of the jute plant. Its sustainability factor makes it the most used material for manufacturing shopping bags and other household items. Here are some of its advantages.

1: Cheap to manufacture

The plant from jute isn’t expensive at all. By expensive we mean these plants doesn’t cost that much when it comes to growing them and harvesting them at large scale. Jute can be grown easily and doesn’t require any extra effort like some other expensive crops. One another reason for being an inexpensive natural material is that it’s grown mostly in summer season. Countries like India, Bangladesh and china are main exporters of this crop. In these countries crops are grown at mass levels as these are agricultural countries. The labor rate is also pretty cheap in these countries so harvesting the jute crop is also relatively inexpensive. Due to these reason jute is available at reasonable prices when bought in bulk quantity. Jute bags manufacturers bought the jute from these countries at affordable rates.

2: Commonly harvested crop

The jute is one of the most commonly harvested crops as its demand has increased rapidly since its use in manufacturing of bags and other household accessories. The jute is harvested every six months during a year. Due to its quick harvesting rate it is mostly available throughout the year for factories and manufacturers who use jute for manufacturing different goods. This makes it easier for such people to use jute throughout the year and it doesn’t effects their production rate. This is the reason why you can find jute bags available near you all the time. Jute bags are also used as promotional bags by different brands.

3: Lasts longer 

Jute bags last for longer periods of time compared to old school plastic bags. There are multiple reasons for this. The jute bags are made up of natural material which has the ability to last for a good amount of time. These bags are not like plastic bags which lost their finishing, quality and refinedness in no time. Jute bags contain natural fiber that adds to their beauty and also helps them sustain for a longer period of time. This is why mostly people and prefer using jute bags for their day to day tasks as they are only one time investment.

4: Recyclable 

The number one reason for the popularity of the jute bags is that they can be recycled. Unlike plastic bags, the jute bags can be recycled hence can be reused. This is one great advantage of jute bags over plastic bags. The presence of jute in the juke bags allows the jute bag manufactures to recycle it with ease. This is the reason why the overall cost of jute bags isn’t that high as the material isn’t that expensive and second it can be recycled.

5: Multiple time use age

Unlike traditional plastic bags, the jute bags can be used for multiple times. You can easily find people around who use the same jute bag whenever they go for the weekly grocery shopping. By multiple times here we don’t mean that these bags can be used for 2, 3 times only. In fact you can use them even beyond these numbers.  It all depends on you how you use them and if used with a bit of care they can last for a longer period of time easily.

6: No need of fertilizers

The jute crop is one of the fastest growing crops in the world. Another advantage the juke crop here is that it doesn’t require expensive fertilizers for its growth. Though, most of the farmers do add small amount of fertilizers for the enhanced growth of their crops but it’s not necessarily needed. Even with no addition of fertilizers, jute can be harvested twice a year. Moreover, pesticides and other chemicals are also not necessary for the growth of jute crop. This further makes the harvesting of jute crop and inexpensive task and it also results in cheap cost of this material.

7: Handles wear and tear with ease

Plastic bags are known for their one time use ability only and in reality they are designed for one time use age only. The reason is that the plastic isn’t that strong material which can handle too much wear and tear. This is why often plastic bags are not used for transporting expensive goods. The jute bags are made from hundred percent natural fibers which provides them extra durability and helps them last longer. They can bear minor wear and tear with ease and provides you that confidence while you carry your good sin them.

Disadvantages of jute bags

1: Not that moisture resistant

The jute material has a slight disadvantage of being not that good moisture resistant. It can absorb water and moisture from the air pretty easily. In order to resolve this issue, many manufacturers use special type of chemicals for making them moisture proof. The use of chemical does help but most of the people may not find chemically treated jute bags comfortable for their type of use age.

2: Use of pesticides for jute growth

Though, the jute crops don’t require pesticides or additional fertilizers for its growth. But in some areas of the world, farmers do add pesticides to their crops just to protect them properly from insects. In some areas the surfaces isn’t that good and for the proper harvesting of crops and additional pesticides are required. Though, it doesn’t make a huge difference but the use of pesticides does affect the properties of jute.  

3: Lacks quality printing 

The jute bags are great tool for promotion of your brand name or products but for this purpose you need excellent printed jute bags. The jute bags are made up of natural jute fibers and finest printing on these fibers can be a difficult task. You may not get your desired printing results on these jute bags. Though regular or standard printing can do the job for you but it depends on your personal preferences.  The lack of digital printing is definitely a con of jute bags.

4: Not good water repellent

The jute material doesn’t require that much of water for its proper harvesting. This makes it a poor water repellant material. If used in such conditions, the jute bags become more flimsy and the jute material lost its main properties. It won’t be that much durable and won’t handle extreme wear and tear. At the end, you may have to buy a new jute bag if it has absorbed water. So for all of those excellent properties you have to use the jute bags very carefully.



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