Trolley Bags : New Luggage Look in UAE

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Trolley bags in UAE : A new Trolley bag in UAE is a welcome addition to your wardrobe. But a few vacations later finding it torn, dirty or stained (or worse—stinky!) is a definite No No! For those of us who always want that “new luggage look,” there’s good news. There are easy ways to protect your bags so that they look (and smell!) close to how they just came off the store shelf. Just follow these guidelines to carefully celan and store your trolley bags & suitcases so you’ll have them looking good for many years to come. Clean your Trolley bags properly just as you launder your clothes—otherwise dirt and grime will create the degradation and abrasion of the fabric and wear it out more quickly.

Avoid hot water, bleach, and detergents
Most trolley bags can all be irreparably damaged by these and please stay away from pre-soaking solutions and spot removers for the same reason. Using solvents could void your warranty. Wash the exterior and interior with warm water and a sponge by hand Always use a non-detergent soap (powdered soap flakes) and clean the exterior of the product. Don’t forget to remove sand, grit and dirt from the zippers for their long life.

 Clean the interior gently 
The interior of the trolley bag in UAE should be cleaned only with a damp cloth to preserve the longevity of the fabric coating inside of the bag. For wheeled luggage bag, leave it upright with the door open in the shade to air-dry.

Store Your Luggage the Right Way!
Rough treatment makes your trolley bags end up ripped, dirty, broken or misshapen. Do not carelessly throw your luggage bags into a closet or shove it underneath your bed. 
Discover a huge collection of  Trolley bags in UAE, Green Bags. Choose a trolley bag that works for you, easy to handle and with good storage capacity. Happy vacations to you!



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