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Canvas Bags in Kuwait
Paper Bags in Kuwait

In the previous read we’ve discussed 2 kinds of bags and here we’ll help you to know more about the other 2 types of bags available at Green Bags. Come let’s get to know more about us and our bag varieties!

● Canvas Bags- Bags that made up of sturdy cloth with thick leather, handles on the bottom helps you to get additional support and capable of carrying huge weight.

● Paper Bags- Bags made of paper, usually the kraft paper. A Paper bag is commonly used for the purpose of shopping and packaging. Now, let’s get to know more about the two!

Perks of choosing Canvas Bags:
1. Durable- Canvas bag can last for years, without any wear or tear as it is made of durable fabric.
2. Washable- Stains and food leaks can be easily cleaned which helps it look the best every time.
3. Natural- Canvas bags are made of cotton, which is a natural fiber that comes from the cotton plant.
4. Environment-friendly- Canvas bags are made of cotton & cotton is a renewable resource, thus causes no harm to the environment.
5. Affordable- Canvas bags are the most economical as they can be produced at the most affordable prices. Why go for Paper bags?

1. Saves Environment- Paper bags are the best and the most eco-friendly bags that enables you to reduce the environmental damages caused while manufacturing.
2. Recyclable- Since its purely a paper product there is no doubt whether it can be recycled or not.
3. Durability- Unlike before, the durability of paper bags have gone up significantly and, we at Green bags make sure we deliver the most durable paper bags.
4. Reusable- Being a paper product these bags can be reused again and again over the period of time.
5. Lightweight- This is one of the highlights of paper bags that they are lightweight and can easily be carried around.

At Green bags, our major goal is 100% customer satisfaction and we ensured that each and every customer who visits us gets the most unique and long- lasting bags. We have succeeded in meeting the goal till the date. Don’t go here and there on the lookout for the best paper bags or canvas bags in Kuwait. The one and the ultimate place where you should visit is

Green Bags and we won’t let your expectation go down! Visit us.



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