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About us

Eco Friendly Bags Manufacturer in UAE

We, at Green Bags UAE, are inspired by and committed to environmental protection. From large corporates to individuals, we have been serving our products since our establishment in 2006. Our range of products consists of around thousands of varieties including ordinary shopping bags to high-end fashion bags accessories. You’ll also get custom-made and exceptionally designed bags according to your requirements at Green Bag UAE.

It would be unexciting to talk at length about the crisis our nature is going through now. All of us are well aware of it and we have witnessed the dangers of plastics and fossil fuels all over the world. It’s time to take decisive actions to change our worldview on development and progress. This realization is what lead to the formation of GreenbagsUAE in Dubai in 2006. Looking back in 2018 on our achievements over the years, it gives us immense pleasure to have b been an early adopter of a business model that is committed to the survival of the earth; protection of our environment and the prosperity of generations to come.